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Hope you are well!

What night it was 🙂

As I finished recording and was about to save the file…..Bam…my laptop turned off!!! I kept my cool and went into the program folder for CastBlaster, and to my relief CB had recorded a temp file…Thanks CB Mike for writing that code!

Finished @ 01h00 was up at 05h00 to get to the studio to upload the file, it took one hour and 10 minutes…it’s a big show once again!!!

I’m very impressed I made the changes to my XML file myself! Not bad for a DJ, but I have had help from Craig Johnston ex SA now in NY, thanks Dude!

Cut and paste this link into your podcast catching software.

If you would rather have a direct download go here:
Show notes click on “Podcast”

Feedback via audio commenst or email to

Warm Regards From A Very Wet Joburg



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Hope you are well!

On Friday I went with the Jacaranda Crew on my first station event.
We went cruising on board the MSC Rhapsody from Durban to Portugese Islands.

A Wicked time was had by all. On Friday afternoon Martin did his afternoon
drive show live via satelitte from the ship. On Saturday morning we arrive
at the Portugese Islands. PLayed volleyball had lunch then headed back to
the ship for some R&R!That night Watershead played two sets, they were
fantastic, tight and very slick!! Nice bunch of dudes!!!

Sunday was the day for my big night. An 80's party on the top deck looking
down onto the lower deck, very cool! Lloyd (TheBoss) and I were the DJ's
for the night. Our own soundrig and wicked lighting. I finished up at
02h30 Monday am, Lloyd played til 04h30 what a nutter! We had to get up at

I got to know the guys and gals from Jacaranda on a personal level and
have to tell you they are awesome people. It was a real honour to be
invited to play on board and welcomed into my new radio family!

The pictures are up on my website, click on Gallery
and look for Jacaranda.

Until next time, cheers cheers!

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Ok, so here’s my Podcast Xtra as we move to Libsyn.

The feed is

We are busy working on the correct name for the feed, use this in the meantime.

Thanks to everyone who is trying to help out TheBandit! Much Appreciated!

Here’ the info for the show:

1) Moon Beam – I Want You (

2) The Beat Bumpers – In Da Club (Total Wipes) –
3) Hebrew X1 – For Me (Fritz, Jaco & Iilana – Bloemfontein, South Africa)

4) MiraculuM – Eastern Sunrise (

5) Steve Callaghan & Frase – The Element (Ian Betts Rmx)- Six Thirty
Graham Vox –
6) Graham Gold – Culebra (Rough Seas Rmx) – Relative UK

7) Audio Traxx – Beautiful Dream (Total Wipes) –

8) Simon Eve – Devotion

Thanks To Morgan In KZN Artwork
Craig Johnson – From the US podcast

Next full show 28 Feb 06

I am currently working on a new trance tune with Eric M, you’ll hear it first on the next Podcast!



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Hope you are well.

This will only be published on my blog!

Next week another show will go up, so if you have subcribed to the feed you’ll get it automatically! This show is a Trance Mix and will only be up until the 28 Feb 06….

We are planning to host my podcast in the USA this will increase the download speed….

Thanks to everyone who has been helping out!

Have a great weekend!


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Hope you are well!

So today is one week that my Podcast has been online!

The response has been unbelievable to say the least! Blackdot IT had to triple the bandwidth for the podcast! Thank you for your comments, good & bad! Hey I’ve been around for a long time, I’m not going to please everyone and that’s not my goal! So if you have issues with me don’t waste your time and mine! Especially when you hide behind false IP addresses and names! Spineless that’s what I say!

On Saturday Armin Van Buuren was here, he was brought out by the guys from ESP, welll done to Dave and the crew. Pity about the weather, During my first song it started raining for about 45 minutes. The equipment got soaked but we didn’t stop! The crowd was amazing, thank you if you were there!

The after-party for Armin was at ESP, it was packed! What crowd and Armin was top class! I consider myself very lucky to be invited to play as I am not an ESP resident! Looks like I’ll be back there on a more regular basis!

Thanks for your support and keep spreading the word about my podcast!


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