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It's Ready….I somehow thought I wasn't going to make the deadline!!

005 is very special, I love the Trance Mix! Enjoy!

MARCH 2006


1) Shuffle Progression feat Diamond V – Hope To Dance (RedKone Sweet Rmx)
2) Paul Bingham – Dirty XXX –


ZA Show – Glen
Gmail –



1) Minomus – Sun Freezer (2006 Vocal Remake) –
2) Zodiacal Light – Atlantis Rising –
3) Cold Blue – Streams –
4) Beyond Vision – Dreaming Away –
5) Lee Osbourne – Sliding Doors
6) Alienation – Mad World –
7) Elude – Purgatory (Ian Betts Rmx) –
8) Grim Brothers – Submission –


Podcast Confessions
Anji Bee's – ChillCast


Twisted System – Business Hippie –

Thanks to all the artists/Labels/Publishers for giving me permission to play their music.

Thanks for downloading my Podcast!



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Hope you are well.

I was interviewed by Bill from "You Are The Guest" Podcast, check it out!

March 27,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 38"

Guest:  Derek from Johannesburg, South Africa

DEREK"TheBandit" is a radio personality and club DJ living in South Africa and hosts his own podcast at Sound Republic.  Derek and I talk about radio from around the world, American music, the record business, we trade radio stories, and talk about where podcasting fits into the media world.  We also discuss misconceptions about South Africa and myths about radio programming.  Derek asks me why I have a podcast named You Are The Guest, what do I do during the weekends to relax,  and if I plan on attending the Portable Media Expo this year.

Download link:

Thanks to Bill @ You Are The Guest For Featuring Me, on his Podcast, more info

This Saturday is the big one! I can't wait!

H2o!!! Large Baby! See you There – 16h00



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I found this site which I thought I would share with you.

You will see alot of sites have RSS feeds, on my Blog you will see an orange button that says feed.

Sign up with FeedBlitz – It’s Free

Copy the feeds you want to subscribe to, eg here’s my feed:

Then you can select how often you want to receive the info. It will then pull all the feeds into one single email!

Wicked Service!

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The weekend was pretty cool after-all! Friday I played in Polokawne, so I left and 1pm for the three hour drive..Drove through four different rain storms, each with their own intensity!! I can quite safetly say that the drought is over….Got to the hotel and was on-line trying to play ctach up with my in box and listening to podcasts, what a pleasure. Joseph Jaffe’s – Cave Cast recorded in a bar was very entertaining and insiteful, check out

I played at Gamlbers and as always it was brilliant, what a crowd! Special thanks to Oom Piet, Elise and Paul! And to you if you were there!

Drove back on Saturday am, saw the girls for a couple of minutes then went off to do my Jacaranda 80’s type show thing! This week saw the show being totally compiled by the music department. Adapt or leave I suppose!

So I have a releas date from Kev at EMI for the release of “The World Of Dance Classix CD” 3 April….. I’ve been setting up tour dates so I hope to see you in your town/city! We are tying up a sponsor which is really exciting, I will reveal more when the deal is done!

The podcast is doing extremely well and I thank you for your support! As I have said in the podcasts, the more downloads I get the more shows I’ll put out!! So you know what to do,


Next full show will be up on Thursday 30 March, so you can have it for the weekend!

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ALIENATION – Starchildren

Alienation.  Nothing to do with an alien race, but rather with feeling “out of place” … The daunting perception that you are part of a dying breed of kindred spirits and that there are few on this planet that truly understand you.  You feel alienated. The people, the like-minded ones, the ones you share a special connection with, are the alienation…

// 001 intro // 002 imagine a star // 003 close to heaven // 004 dream dance //

005 war of the heart

Blessed with an overactive imagination, I walk with my feet on the ground and my mind in another universe… composing songs starts with a feeling or a visual and I share these visuals in the form of a preamble to every track.  Trance music is a spiritual experience for most.  You rarely find meaningful words to dance tracks but somehow you sense emotion; reminiscent of some weird musical telepathy… where a DJ or producer speaks to you without saying anything.  Everything you mentally envision makes a sound and leaves an impression… and that’s what I have hoped to capture in music.

 –         James Nelson (

001 // > Intro

Sunrise…   Like a giant crayon it colours a darkened world. bright armies of light burst through clouds, deploying the lowest frequencies first… red light… then orange… then yellow…  until pure white light pours over every planet in its orbit… millions or rays bouncing off reflective objects, all purposefully working in unity to produce light, warmth and life.

002 // > Imagine a star

Imagine… somewhere remote… somewhere where city lights and pollution cannot cloud your ability to marvel at the sheer brilliance of the Milky Way…  You lie flat on your back on soft grass.  With a clear open sky above, you stare intensely at the infinite heavens above… so intense you feel you can pluck one of the tiny specs of light with your fingers… and hold it in your palm like a firefly. And if you waved your hand you would shatter the peace… Millions of tiny lights would fly away like sparks…  you realise that they’re not tiny at all. In fact, they are huge! Actually, some of them are no longer even there… some, purely light echoes; the memory of great suns that lost their brilliance and died tragically.  But imagine if, right now, on one of those tiny specs of light, there is someone lying flat on his back on soft grass, holding you in the palm of his hand like a firefly…

003 // > Close to heaven

Heaven…  A totally unexplored travel destination and yet desired by all.  What does heaven mean to you?  Are the streets paved with gold and scattered with precious stones? Do wild and tame animals live in perfect harmony?  Is there singing, praising and glorifying the Creator?  Your life, the ultimate price for that eternal stay.

004 // > Dream dance

Before the dawn of the electronic era, tribes connected using music, dance and expression.  a beautiful girl, shy of seventeen with long  flowing hair twists and turns to the most unusual dance her tribe has ever seen.  She is moving to the low humming of the tribe.  There is clapping… drums follow and her movements intensify…  a strange mix of fire and moonlight ignites the ancient almost phosphorescent markings on her body.  her movements accelerate, faster and faster as more tribesmen join in with different instruments…  the music echoes through the valleys below, bouncing off rock walls into the forest below.  from a distance, all that is visible are slow-shutter movements of white neon light drawing butterfly-like images in mid air…  she’s dancing the dream dance… ethereal and enchanting.

005 // > War of the heart

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either way, a daring adventure…” Helen Keller

Make contact:


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Hope you are well.

On Friday night I played at Evolution, main set from 01h00 to 03h00. When I left the house I couldn’t believe how cold it was. We should have at least another month of summer left. Needless to say it was a fantastic gig. Except for the fact that my headphones blew up half way through my set. Thanks to Dizzy for helping me out with his cans!

This week I’ll be putting together the 004 Podcast Xtra for release the week of the 13th of March. It’s going to feature James aka Alienation. His work is fantastic and I’ll play a 30 minute mix of his music.


The more downloads I get, the more shows I’ll do for you!



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Hope you are well.

I have just finished producing the podcast for Banshee Bonzai in Belgium. The first show features the new Airwave Album, it’s awesome…

More info @


Starting from today the podcast for oue new releases has been activated! The weekly new releases podcast is hosted by a DJ from South Africa named DEREK”TheBandit”. This week’s podcast will be all about the release of the new Airwave album Trilogique which is officially released on Friday the 3rd of March 2006. Go to the navigation on top and click the podcast button and follow the instructions!

Podcast has been voted word of the year of 2005. So we have decided after thoroughly testing the podcasting function to add a podcast for our new releases to our website, weekly to be updated every Wednesday evening.

We prefer you to use iTunes for our podcast by using this iTunes Podcast URL, by copy-pasting it into the SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST function (for PC users: right mouse click, to copy-paste the URL and for MAC users: CTRL-click, to copy-paste the URL, unless you have a 2 mouse button where the same functionality as for PC users applies):

iTunes Link:


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