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Hope you are well.

I was interviewed by Bill from "You Are The Guest" Podcast, check it out!

March 27,  2006:    Listen To "You Are The Guest Show # 38"

Guest:  Derek from Johannesburg, South Africa

DEREK"TheBandit" is a radio personality and club DJ living in South Africa and hosts his own podcast at Sound Republic.  Derek and I talk about radio from around the world, American music, the record business, we trade radio stories, and talk about where podcasting fits into the media world.  We also discuss misconceptions about South Africa and myths about radio programming.  Derek asks me why I have a podcast named You Are The Guest, what do I do during the weekends to relax,  and if I plan on attending the Portable Media Expo this year.

Download link:

Thanks to Bill @ You Are The Guest For Featuring Me, on his Podcast, more info

This Saturday is the big one! I can't wait!

H2o!!! Large Baby! See you There – 16h00




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  1. Nice stuff Derek! Getting on the map I see, keep on keeping on bru! Can’t wait for 005! This Thursday, right? Oh yeah…

    Comment by Lyle | March 27, 2006 | Reply

  2. well done DEREK! šŸ˜‰ –Big-UPs URSELF!!–
    Yo Lyle, sup man. Lyle what are u doing this Fri night? Why dont you hook-up wid Moe and Myself at 330? – Its gonna be BANGING! (i hope). Lyle, i would love to get hold of those Armin sets!!! PLEASSSEE! šŸ˜‰
    also, Im looking to ID&T muzik vids (like the Johan Gielen ID&T 2005?) I got that one…just need more. :-p
    Ja, till next time peepz… the phreak is outta ere!

    Comment by Psychedelic Phreak | March 29, 2006 | Reply

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