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It’s Tuesday already!!!

Weekend was very cool, Friday night played at Cork & Barrel with Smokey Joe, it was the closing of another chapter in life. Joe has sold the venue ….How times change! I wish him well, what a legend!! Club was packed and it very an emotional set ….

Saturday was the big April Fools Day Joke … H2o The Final Wave!

Played from 16h00, great weather – some pics on my website thanks to the Coach! Getting more soon and I’ll put them up in the Gallery … Played before E-Craig he’s such a cool guy and guess who came up to me and said hello, Frank from Lock And Load, he’s moved here with is Girlfriend, he’s tired of Europe, was really cool to see him!

One thing about H2o that really annoys me, the sound system is played in MONO! I’ve had this fight with the sound guys but it’s a loosing battle. It’s 2006 for F.. Sake how can we play in mono, wakey wakey dudes get it together…

Then as I got to my car, to rush to Monte Casino to do my radio show, I got parked in by some black Mini with no number plates …. I made it to the show just in time!!

On Sunday morning I took Jema to the Wimpy for Breakfast, she is growing so quickly!! The Wimpy is next to the Pick n Pay, 15 guys ran into PNP with guns and robbed the place, I shat myself!! Welcome to our wonderful country! Thank God, no shots were fired. Jema and I ran to the back for the kitchen. Shout out to the guys at Wimpy they were very cool about the situation..

Working really hard to get the new WOD Classic CD out soon!



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  1. Shit, bru, busy weekend! And f**k those damn criminals, these guys are seriously messing SA! You can’t even turn around without a bloody gun, or knife in your face! Oh well! Anyway, can’t wait for WOD Classic! Keep bangin’ bru!

    Comment by Lyle | April 4, 2006 | Reply

  2. ok off topic here….but anyone here can ID these two alternative/rock 2tracks from the 90s. just click on the link…it will start to play. i remmber hearing it on 5fm a couple of times before i left sa

    Comment by kevin | April 5, 2006 | Reply

  3. Hey Derek,
    Glad to hear yoou and Jema are ok. Take care.

    Comment by Karmani Pillay | April 6, 2006 | Reply

  4. Just out of intrest….

    This is a list of the worlds top 50 clubs as voted for by Industry Dj’s:

    1. Fabric, London
    2. The End, London
    3. Turmills, London
    4. Pacha, Ibiza
    5. Space, Ibiza
    6. Amnesia, Ibiza
    7. Womb, Tokyo
    8. DC10, ibiza
    9. The Cross, London
    10. The Arches, Glasgow
    11. Zouk, Singapore
    12. Guvernment, Toronto
    13. Air, Birmingham
    14. Honey Club, Brighton
    15. Panorama Bar/Bergain, Berlin
    16. Yellow, Tokyo
    17. The Key, London
    18. Razzmatazz, London
    19. Warung, Brazil
    20. Space, Miami
    21. Supercharged, Brighton
    22. Stereo, Montreal
    23. The Egg, London
    24. Lush! N.Ireland
    25. Weekend, Berlin
    26. Ministry of Sound, London
    27. Chibuku, Liverpool
    28. Opera House, Bournemouth
    29. Pacha, Buenos Aires
    30. Cocoon, Frankfurt
    31. Digital, Newcastle
    32. Hum, London
    33. Nodisko, London
    34. D-Edge, Brazil
    35. Elevate, India
    36. Panama, Amsterdam
    37. Spundae, Los Angeles
    38. Sankeys Soap, Manchester
    39. Kissdafunk, Leeds
    40. Kristal, Bucharest
    41. Neighbourhood, London
    42. Ambar, Perth Australia
    43. Robert Johnson, Frankfurt
    44. Cororico, Italy
    45. Home, Sydney Australia
    46. Herbel, London
    47. Cavo Paradiso, Greece
    48. Cielo, New York
    49. Circus, Liverpool
    50. Rex Club, Paris

    Well i might be the only person in the world that think so. But i really dislikes Fabrick been there once and never go there again..not sure how it got to nr.1 @ 28. Slinky @ The Oprah House thats the one i usually i go to (1 a month) Way better! Turnmills is also a cool joint.

    Comment by kevin | April 7, 2006 | Reply

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