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It's been a very busy week in the comments section. I thank you! It's always good to share your view, as long as it's done with respect for everyone!

I am not going to go deep into this issues as I would rather talk about it directly with someone, I am not a fan of the written word! So I invite you if you would like to chat about it to call me in my office on 011 326 4043.

Here are a few thoughts of mine.

  • We live in South Africa, not the USA or Europe
  • We don't have the market size
  • We don't have enough outlets for Trance on radio
  • We don't have enough venues that play Trance
  • We don't have enough support from Trance fans
  • We do have very talented DJ but not enough producers
  • Trance is evolving and that's exciting




May 15, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Sup Bandit! I get what you saying boet, and I agree for the most part. Your 1st four points are completely on the money, our trance “infrastructure” over here isn’t anything to write home about. As for the support issue, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know when it comes to trance, I am more than happy to support the artist. I buy albums every month, local & imported, I believe good producers & DJ’s deserve that much for the effort they pour in into the genre. Your sixth point is also very true, but with the advent of your podcast, there’s a whole new avenue for local producers to showcase their stuff. Guys like Beyond Vision & Alienation are extremely exciting talents, who I’m sure, the future holds great things for. And as for the last point, it’s a double edged sword, hey! On one hand, the developments that are happening & the leaps & bounds producers are making in the studio are encouraging to say the least, but on the other hand, there are producers who aren’t doing trance justice anymore. It’s a give & take! Anyway, much respect D! Keep bangin’! Later days…

    Comment by Lyle | May 15, 2006 | Reply

  2. Hiya Bandit

    I agree too. It’s tough going, but I do feel there is enough of us with the passion to drive this thing in SA. By ourselfs we cannot make an impact, but together we most certianly will.
    The Trance scene won’t dissapear. It will just go back underground.

    But we must show the wolrd what we are made off and with people like you we will do it. Remember you are not alone in this thing. There are a lot more people behind you than what you think. (Count me in :o)
    I think with your Podcast great things will still happen. Don’t give up, cause you give people like me more reason to press on.

    We need better producers? Like Lyle said we got good guys and they get better with every track they produce. That’s what I try and do. Eventually you will add me to the list of ‘good producers’ cause that’s my goal and damn I’m gonna get there.

    So just keep doing your thing. We are behind you.

    DC Adjust

    Comment by DC Adjust | May 18, 2006 | Reply

  3. On a different note, 008 is up, WOOHOO! This should be an interesting one, I like a bit of psy/goa trance once in a while, assaults the senses!!! Anyway, downloading as we speak! Later days…

    Comment by Lyle | May 19, 2006 | Reply

  4. You know what messed the trance scene up in this place:


    This miserable excuse for a good time has destroyed people’s lives and it certainly has destroyed the euphoric trance.

    Comment by DJ | May 26, 2006 | Reply

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