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My new tune is:

DEREK”TheBandit” VS Beyond Vision – Pick Up The Pieces

Produced by Colin & Derek

Here’s some reactions so far!!!

Pick Up The Pieces

DEREK”TheBandit” VS Beyond Vision – Pick Up The Pieces


Anton Nathrass – Resident – Elevate & ESP

A Tune with all the pieces in just the right places! A beautiful, melodic,
and uplifting tune that is peak time material. The track glides
melodically and breaks into absolute bliss as it pics up all the pieces
from there on in before it sends the dance floor into a frenzied rapture!
Tried and tested on the dance floor with great success! Thanks for


Joe Cozzi – Department of Dance (USA)

Solid track Derek, good work, well produced. You should contact one of the artist’s on my label. His name is DJ Nito, he would support it on his weekly radio show.

James G – Resident ESP

“Pick up the pieces is officially an excellent floor filler. Without a doubt a tune that is instantly recognisable to the crowd. With it’s haunting melodies and subtle lyrics in the beginning it all comes together for a final and swift delivery of it’s key lead at which point hands are raised on the dance floor as they scream for more! An excellent example of the trance that can be made in this country with the right direction.”

Ian Betts – Six Thirty (UK)

Really liking your track – will be trying it out for sure

John Askew (UK)

hi mate. good to hear from you. thanks for the track. sounding pretty big. not quite the same style that i play really but I can see it being big!

Lonny – Emotive Sounds

Great tune, was wondering if it is already released?

I will upload the tune to myspace soon!

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  1. so when are we going to hear this track? looking foward

    Comment by Richard/Kevin | July 12, 2006 | Reply

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