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Issued by: The ZA Show Podcast

For Immediate Release:


CAPE TOWN, 10th July 2006 — The ZA Show Podcast, an English language weekly podcast that originates from Cape Town is celebrating their 1st year anniversary on the 17th of July 2006.

Their first show debuted on the 17th of July 2005 which helped pave the start of a new media revolution here in South Africa. The ZA Show is the first podcast to originate from Cape Town and the first locally produced podcast to bring the very best in South African content to the world. The show hosts, Glen & Bridgitte Verran bring a very informal, relaxed and down-to-earth dynamic to the show which aims to make the listener feel part of the show. The podcast features opinions on local news events, sports, the South African culture, sound-seeing tours of places visited, tourism info, interviews and playing the very best in South African podsafe music. Listener feedback also forms a vital part of the podcast too.

The ZA Show has attracted over 400 and growing listeners per show worldwide during the past year. The listener demographic consists of:

* Expatriates
* Past and future visitors to SA.
* Foreign listeners who have relational links to SA.
* Local listeners.
* Listeners who want to know more about SA.

Loyalty and good relationships form part of the show and its success.

The podcast is currently self funded and is open to monetization in the form of advertising and sponsorships on the podcast itself as well as on the podcast’s website.

Besides promoting podcasting in SA, The ZA Show is also promoting South African music in the podcasting community. This is done by urging SA artists and labels to register and upload tracks to the Podsafe Music Network . This website presents podcasters with a vast catalogue of music in many genres that they can play on their podcasts without having to worry about copyright infringement. This has been very successful in promoting independent artists worldwide. The ZA Show has attracted a good number of SA artists to the PMN so far and continues to help promote SA music internationally via the medium of podcasting.

Podcasting has taken the world by storm and has become a new media revolution worldwide, but unfortunately, due to the lack of affordable broadband and other factors, podcasting hasn’t had the opportunity to take off in a big way in South Africa.

A podcast is an Internet radio-style show that a listener can download to their computer. Free podcast subscription allows new shows to be downloaded automatically to the listener’s computer as they become available. Podcasting allows listeners to listen to their favourite shows on any device, any time and anywhere. Podcasting allows content that traditional media generally would not carry to be heard by anybody who has an interest in it.

The ZA Show anniversary show will be produced and released on the the 15th of July 2006.

Glen Verran
The ZA Show Podcast

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