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Cleary, you cannot keep a good thing down

In his ongoing quest for global dance domination, DEREK“TheBandit” has just signed a brand new three-album deal with More Music – South Africa’s youngest and most progressive label yet

As the biggest signing to the label since its launch, Derek commences his deal with a double album entitled DEREK“TheBandit’s SOUND REPUBLIC PRESENTS ELECTRONICALLY CONNECTED – The Uprising. With each of the two themed – disc one is filled with essential house, with the second delivering only the very freshest and finest in trance.

What makes this new deal so exciting is the fact that it extends way beyond the traditional borders and barriers that geography often places in the path of critical listening being heard. “So much of the music I play these days comes from within the borders of South Africa,” Derek explains. “My aim with More Music and Electronically Connected is to take this rich combination of local and international flavour and, as with my monthly podcasts hosted at, is to export it.

“Great music so often gets missed by the masses,” he continues. “With More Music and Electronically Connected – The Uprising, as the first in this new series, the banging tracks across both discs will elevate and edify punters to a new level.”

“More Music is all about empowering artists,” shares label owner Manuel Oettl, “and with a talent the calibre of “TheBandit” onboard, we are excited at the prospect of growing at an extraordinary rate.” With releases coming from Lady Lea and the first Ryan Dent disc in five years scheduled for release shortly, DEREK“TheBandit’s SOUND REPUBLIC PRESENTS – ELECTRONICALLY CONNECTED – The Uprising is set to pre-empt a label worthy of watching.

“TheBandit” is on the cusp of launching himself onto an even higher plain for fans of dance and trance to engulf their aural senses in. “With local remixes and soon-to-be classic trance tracks bursting from each disc, I have not been this excited about the prospects ahead for a long, long time,” he enthuses.

Having been the first DJ and producer in South Africa to bridge the digital divide with the introduction of monthly podcasts, Derek plans to cement his place in the new media revolution with tangible over-the-counter package and onto an even wider audience in future.” It’s an exciting time to be me,” Richardson jokes. “We need to push boundaries and the time is now, more so than ever before.”

The future is now and “TheBandit” is your official guide to navigating the world of real dance music. Get in on the action and find why this is a new beginning of even bigger things to come.

Go to for regular updates and venues where
DEREK“TheBandit’s SOUND REPUBLIC PRESENTS – ELECTRONICALLY CONNECTED – The Uprising will be unpacked live for all to hear.

By Jason Curtis

August 2, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Sweet bru! Been waiting for you to lift the covers on this project for a while. Finally somebody is showcasing good SA dance music to the world, so tired of the planet thinking SA is all about big game safaris & politics! We will be heard! So when we gonna get a taste of the tracklisting? Hope that “No Requests” track makes onto the house CD, it’s a stomper! Good luck with this man, you got the SA dance massive behind you! Later days…

    Comment by Lyle | August 2, 2006 | Reply

  2. Yo!
    Don’t think you gonna need much luck bro, this ‘thing’ is sure to take-off faster than a plane from Iraq?! :-O
    (and when it lands… the devastation is gonna be 10 x more destructive!) – Ja! That’s a good thing bro! :-DDD

    sorry ;-P

    Anyway’s what av I been smoking man?!

    Can’t wait to get a listen …when it’s out. A track listing would be nice… 🙂

    I gotta go for now – L83R!

    -Ey Lyle, dude, DTB–>STONES–>11th Aug… going?

    Comment by Psychedelic Phreak | August 3, 2006 | Reply

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