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coffee with podcast

coffee with podcast

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After 18 years, countless compilations, a radio legacy and a worldwide web audience, DEREK“TheBandit” Richardson is flying the coop

As one chapter closes, so another begins and for “TheBandit” it’s as ever, web-active. Derek may have packed up his studio and shipped it off to hemispheres north, but his music, passion and a commitment to all that has helped in making him great is the focus of his newest preoccupation – Derek “The Bandits” SOUND REPUBLIC PRESENTS – “Coffee with… ”.

The podcast series hosted at is “TheBandit” in conversation with people who have made an impact on the life of one of South Africa’s foremost producers and dance music campaigners.

With a career that began at 5fm and grew to become a franchise under the banner World Of Dance, Derek is going retrospective with interviews with everyone from indie music authority Barney Simon through to Justin Cohen all have played a critical role in shaping the man that is “TheBandit” today.

Insightful, funny and quite simply all the things that has become over the years – engaging, this final locally produced podcast series is a must if understanding what makes the institution that is “TheBandit” tick.

“The series is bittersweet for me,” Derek acknowledges. “Everyone included on the Derek “The Bandits” SOUND REPUBLIC PRESENTS – “Coffee with… ” Series are people who indirectly or directly impacted my life and my career to such an extent that acknowledging their contribution is important to me, especially as I leave South Africa en route to bringing what I do to the world.”

With technology on the right side of keeping the punters who gave “TheBandit” the platform to play happy,, the home of all things dance dedicated remains very much alive and kicking into the future.

“I may have relocated geographically,” Richardson acknowledges, “but the music and mission to move the masses remains very much alive and globally well from With my move to the British Isles things can only get bigger and better for all who’ve supported me over the years.”

Add first hand exposure to the very latest from around the world and with his ties to all things South African very much intact, the likelihood of an increased content offering over all is pretty damn good.

“I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels,” Richardson admits, “so rest assured as with the “Coffee with… “Podcast series, I will be bringing more music with real-time regularity back home at the mere click of mouse.”

First Podcast will be Published Online on Thursday 4th September 2008.



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